Introduction to programming II - C++

Undergraduate course TA, Michigan State University, 2023

This course is taught by Dr Josh Nahum. Information related to the CSE 232 course can be found here. All the credit for problems is directed towards Dr Josh Nahum. This page extension of the course covering Lab material.

2024-01-08Week 00Logistics and Intro to pair programming
2024-01-15Week 01Warmup, Syntax, auto typecasting, functions
2024-01-22Week 02Functions, Recursion, and Time complexity
2024-01-29Week 03Exponential search Algorithm, While loops, Integrals
2024-02-05Week 04String Manipulation, and Optimal algorithm
2024-02-12Week 05Debugging and google style guide
2024-02-19Week 06Exam 1
2024-02-26Spring BreakNo Lab
2024-03-04Week 07Problem Solving
2024-03-11Week 08Working with Classes
2024-03-18Week 09Templates
2024-03-25Week 10Linked List
2024-04-01Week 11Algorithms in cpp sort, iota, accumulate, partition
2024-04-08Week 12Test cases
2024-04-15Week 13Coding Exam

Problem Sets

Confused about pointers vs references?

Problem sets on pointers and references


Problem sets on classes, constant functions, public and private objects, constructors, operator over-loading.